Tips for Proofreading Job Applications, Cover Letters, and Resumes

With so many job seekers applying for jobs today, employers can be very picky during the hiring process. The smallest typo on your resume, cover letter, or other application materials can prevent you from getting an interview.

Therefore, it is important for you to proofread all of your application materials before sending them to an employer. Below are a few tips to help you proofread thoroughly.

8 Tips for Proofing Job Application Materials

1. Don’t Trust Spellcheck
While spellcheck can help you spot obvious typos, it misses a number of common errors.

For example, spellcheck does not notice if you write “your” instead of “you’re” – one of the most common resume and cover letter mistakes. Therefore, be sure to thoroughly edit each document yourself.

2. Take a Break
Do not edit your resume, cover letter, or other application material immediately after writing it. Take some time away from the document; this will allow you to edit with a fresh set of eyes. While a 24-hour break is ideal, you might not have that much time if you’re facing a deadline. Even taking a couple of hours away from the document before editing it will help.

3. Print it Out
Proofread a printed copy of your resume, cover letter, etc., rather than looking at your document on a computer screen. You have likely been looking at the document on a computer screen for a long time, and a printed version will help you see the document with a fresh set of eyes. Printing it out will also help you see the document as the recruiter will see it.

This way, you can see and fix any awkward page breaks.

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