A temp to perm job is a job that starts out as a temporary job but turns into a permanent position. The employee could be hired with the possibility of a temporary assignment turning into a permanent job. Or, at some point during the assignment, the company may decide they would like the employee to stay on and offers him or her a permanent position.

Temporary to Permanent Jobs

Temp to perm is an option to consider when you are job searching.

Even though most job seekers would prefer a permanent position right off the bat, a temporary job is a way to help pay the bills and could lead to permanent employment with the company you’re temping at.

A Good Option in Competitive Job Markets

Temp jobs can be an excellent foot in the door for job seekers, particularly when the job market is very competitive. In a competitive job market, there are far more people looking for jobs than there are available positions. It makes companies that are hiring have an advantage. They can be more picky about who they hire.

Temp to perm positions allows companies to “try before they buy,” testing out an employee’s abilities before making a formal offer with benefits. While an interview, references, and a resume can provide a good sense of a candidate’s work abilities, nothing beats observing an employee on the job for knowing if they are a good fit for a company.