Incorporate These Words Into Your Answers to Make the Best Interview Impression

If you’re wondering how much of a difference word choice can make, just consider which of these two responses makes a better impression: “I helped brainstorm ideas for campaigns” or “I generated ideas that were used in award-winning, successful campaigns.” Both answers are reasonable, but one conveys significant accomplishments, and the other is a bit forgettable.

In the first answer, the word “helped” is vague. To an interviewer, this could mean that you presented a list of powerful ideas—but it could also signify that you were a near-silent participant on a conference call to discuss the campaign. The second option removes the vague verb (“helped”), replacing it with a more active option. Plus, powerful adjectives are added; not only did you come up with ideas, but they were good ones!

Your words during an interview will convey an impression of you and your abilities. Make it a positive one. As you practice for your next interview, keep word choice in mind. Here are five broad types of words and phrases to integrate into your interview answers.

1. Responsibility

During an interview, it’s always good to demonstrate that you’re responsible—you want to show interviewers that if you’re set to a task, you’ll not only accomplish it, you’ll do it on time and to the standards laid out. Here are some words and phrases that convey responsibility:

  • Accomplish
  • Coordinate
  • Detail-oriented
  • Effective
  • Efficient
  • Maintained
  • Met the deadline
  • On time
  • Organize
  • Practical
  • Prepare
  • Provide
  • Reorganize
  • Responsible
  • Results; Results-oriented
  • Satisfied the client’s requests
  • Solution
  • Support
  • Team player

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