What you shouldn’t bring to a job interview is important. Believe it or not, there are stories of applicants for internships and entry-level jobs bringing their mom or dad to the interview! Don’t do it. It is both awkward and unprofessional to have a third party in the room.
In fact, it will probably cost you a job offer. You need to be able to interview on your own merits, and the company wants to interview you, not your parent.

Some other interview don’ts:

  • Don’t chew gum or suck on candy.  Throw out the gum or candy before you enter the office.
  • Don’t carry in your morning coffee or protein shake.    
  • Don’t walk into the office talking on your phone or texting. Turn off your phone or ringer before you walk into the building.
  • Don’t wear a hat or cap, leave it at home.
  • Don’t overwhelm the interviewer with your piercings or tattoos. If you have a lot of piercings or earrings, take out a majority of them, so they aren’t a distraction (one pair of earrings, is a good rule). Do your best to cover your tattoos.
  • Don’t put on any strong perfumes or colognes; you never know if someone is allergic in the office.
  • Don’t bring your parents!  Leave your parent(s), friends or anyone else at home or in the car, if you needed a ride.