Here’s a harsh reality: For any job posted, many, many candidates will apply. Some of these candidates will be less qualified than you are, but others will be just as qualified, or even more so. Faced with this volume of competition, it’s essential that you sell yourself. That means making it clear why you are the best candidate available. Selling yourself can feel uncomfortable, but it’s truly essential. If you don’t point out your best qualities as a candidate, who will?

To get past any feelings of shyness, modesty, or discomfort, think like a marketer. Develop a marketing and sales campaign for your job search exactly as if it was one of the many toothpaste options in the drugstore aisle. Doing this will help you assess your strengths, strengthen your performance throughout the application process, and develop a strong brand that will make you stand out from the sea of applicants.

6 Strategies to Market Yourself and Get a Job
Follow these strategies used by marketers to see how to sell yourself as a candidate, and increase your chances of getting hired.
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