desmoinesdowntown_bridgeA Staffing Firm Can Be a Bridge to Permanent Employment

About three quarters of temporary and contract employees move on to permanent jobs. What’s more, eight out of 10 businesses say that staffing firms offer a good way to find permanent employees. Whether you are new to or re-entering the work force, are between jobs, or are just looking for career growth, staffing firms can help you land the right position.
Temporary or contract assignments get your foot in the door with a staffing client, making you a prime candidate if the position becomes permanent. Or you could get a temp-to-perm gig, where you try out the job and see if it fits your skills and expectations. Furthermore, many staffing firms recruit for permanent positions directly with the client. So if you’re looking for a permanent job, don’t be fooled by the antiquated notion of “temp agency.” Today’s staffing firms offer lots of options and opportunities.