june 25_catfish dayIt is well known that President Ronald Reagan was very fond of jelly beans. But as much as he enjoyed sweets, President Reagan also liked catfish. President Reagan liked catfish so much that on June 25, 1987, he declared it National Catfish Day. It’s a fun holiday that we are still celebrating 21 years later!

National Catfish Day was created to celebrate the growth of this finned food’s popularity in America. In 1986, the year before President Reagan first celebrated this special day, catfish was the third most commonly consumed fish in the US!
Catfish is low in calories and big in taste; very celebration-worthy! It’s also packed with protein, and you can prepare it in numerous ways. Catfish goes well with many sauces. It’s understandable that not everyone will want to spend this June holiday down at the watering hole catching catfish. Just make sure you don’t let this unique holiday pass without sampling this delectable dish!

Log Cabin Day

log-cabin-house-designWhen : June 25th

Log Cabin Day brings you back to a quieter, simpler, more rugged era. A couple hundred years ago, life was far more rugged. Americans moving West (west at the time may have been Ohio, or Tennessee) found an untouched wilderness, filled with pristine forests. They built their homes out of logs. These log cabins were solid, long lasting, and served them well.

Life was rustic and simple. Heat was provided by an open fireplace, where they also cooked their meals. Need air conditioning in the summer? Just open the window (there wasn’t any glass or screening). There was no electricity (no television, stereos or boom boxes blasting, or computers). And, plumbing? Just look back towards the woods to the outhouse. The path to it is well worn.

Log Cabin Day celebrates what was then the “Modern” home in America, and all of the lifestyle that accompanied it. Today is a day to appreciate the history and significance of log cabins. Visit them at historical museums today, or sometime this summer.