true-bloodWhether you’ve been on the job seven years or seven days, you’re sure to recognize some of these characters.

1. Sookie “The Kiss of Death” Stackhouse
Every project she touches fails and every meeting becomes about her. But despite hijacking the day’s plans with her own drama, management somehow thinks of her as a star employee. To stay alive around this co-worker, give minimal room for her antics and instead focus the conversation on action items and how everybody benefits. She just may have some special powers that can help you come out ahead.

2. Bill “Power-Hungry” Compton
Interested most in his own success, this supernatural force could charm the CEO out of his corner office or convince you to pull a coup and open up your own business together. But beware his glamour and flash. Sure, it may be exciting to be in his spotlight, but the key to making this business relationship work is ensuring that your talents and abilities are just as strong as his. Otherwise, it could be a hostile takeover.

3. Sam “Everybody’s Best Friend” Merlotte
Loyal as they come, he’s always willing to lend a hand or give somebody a chance. However, this worker can sometimes get walked on if he allows too many requests for schedule swaps or lets people forget that he’s a professional. Whether he’s in a supporting role or steps up in a leadership position, people will respond to his charisma and kindness if it’s paired with an action plan and confidence.

4. Jason “Varsity Star” Stackhouse
His good intentions and willingness to do the hard work will often balance out the failures and shortcomings that can accompany it. This is one co-worker who can make even dull tasks fun, but also one who can get carried away in that fun if nobody’s there to keep him on task. Include him in brainstorms to keep everybody talking and be sure to share positive feedback with him — he craves your approval more than you may know.

5. Tara “Hot-Blooded” Thornton
A collective shudder goes through HR when her name is brought up. This overly emotional co-worker tends to exist in a victim status, upset when extra work is required or plans change. But remember that your co-workers are people, too, and that their anxiety and emotion usually has a cause. Offer support where you can, and be firm where you can’t. She’ll appreciate honesty more than pity.

6. Eric “The Legend” Northman
Hailed as a god around your department, this overly confident worker definitely has skills — but his failure to take on more authoritative roles hints that he’s more comfortable as the big fish in a small pond. Learn everything you can from him, then apply it to your own career and how you want to advance. Remember the old saying: “If you’re the smartest person in the room, find a new room.”

7. Lafayette “The Fighter” Reynolds
Few people have the confidence, tenacity, style and personality to survive personal tragedies and still regularly come to work, let alone be a source of support for others struggling. But this worker’s soft skills and emotional intelligence equip him to keep fighting, and even come out on top. Whether he’s working in sales or the food industry, his intuition and personal charm are his best assets.

8. Pam “Cold As The Grave” Swynford de Beaufort
The progeny of C-level execs or the best creatives in the field, she’s more than just intimidating — she’s an unstoppable force who doesn’t mind taking charge of a situation and adding her own style. She’s also a great example of why working alongside a mentor can prepare you for a fulfilling, powerful career.

9. Jessica “Baby Vampire” Hamby
Every beginner makes mistakes, and this entry-level worker has a lot to learn. Though she may not have chosen the field she’s now in, she’ll succeed under management that recognizes her talents and gives her the proper training to put those gifts to use. Bring her in on new projects so she can see your organization’s culture and task her with support roles to prevent her from losing interest or burning out quickly.

10. Alcide “Packmaster” Herveaux
He may bring some baggage to his work, but this natural born leader will advance quickly because of his ambition, attention to detail and a sincere interest in seeing his pack of team members succeed. He’s also not afraid to take on challenging situations or stand up for what he believes is right. Follow his lead and reap the benefits.