RESPONSIBILITYMake that phone call
It is only polite for you to inform the recruiter, via email or fax or even a phone call that you are no longer interested in the application and would like to withdraw yourself and cancel the interview.

Say that you are sorry and regret that you will not be able to make it to the interview and will not pursue your application.
Speak to the correct person
Remember who called you up that first time and ask to speak to that person and not any other person. This is to ensure that the person who is in-charge of your job application is aware of your decision to cancel the interview.

Be clear and firm
Make sure you deliver your message clearly and avoid making ambiguous and misleading statements that might be misconstrued that you are interested in the job, when you are no longer interested. Be firm. Keep the phone call short and do be polite. Explain why you are no longer interested only when prompted and you are not obliged to give any details.

Be courteous
You are about to let the recruiter down as you have agreed to attend the interview. The least you can do is to be polite. Know that the recruiter might be disappointed of you cancelling the interview, but you have already called, which showed your sense of responsibility and courtesy.

What if you did not do anything until the interview day?
If you just kept quiet and did not make that phone call to the recruiter, on the interview day itself, the recruiter will be left wondering why you failed to turn up at the interview. Most employers will immediately “blacklist” you, meaning that it will be difficult for you to get into the company as your application file shall be considered a blacklisted file.

Second Chance
However, some more understanding recruiters will call you up to enquire of your failure to turn up at the interview. In another case, should an emergency crop up just before the interview and you would like to arrange for another interview with the recruiter, give the recruiter a call and tell them the truth. Explain to them that you just could not make it due to unforeseen circumstances and you would like to reschedule the interview.

Don’t play dumb
At this point, if you get the phone call from the recruiter to ask you of your “no show” at the interview, do pick up the phone and face your fears. Do not let the phone ring off the hook or worse, answer the phone and pretend that the line is bad and repeatedly say “Hello? Hello? Hello?” and hang up. By doing that, you are underestimating the recruiter and it only shows just how immature you are.

Be responsible
If you did not call to inform of your decision to not turn up at the interview and got the call from the recruiter, pick it up and calmly but clearly say that you are no longer interested in the job. Say that you are sorry and you regret any inconvenience caused. It is that simple.
Why is it important for such steps anyway? It is a matter of courtesy and a sense of responsibility – two attributes that are the basic requirements for anyone to qualify for any job.
So the next time you find yourself agreeing to a job interview, only to find that you do not want to attend the interview after all, do give a call to the recruiter.