postive attitudeAre you still wondering why you were not offered a job? Did you have the right dress, the right resume, and the right experience and still no offer? It could be your attitude. Are you noticing your co-workers acting different towards you or feel as though there is something missing? It could be your attitude.

External applicants and internal workers can all learn from the same lesson: Attitude is Everything!

For someone in the job search, you want to project a positive attitude during your interview. However, this takes practice. The last thing you would want your future employer to think is that you are overly confident in your skill set. Confidence is great, but being pushy can be a huge turn off. Stay upbeat without being so perky it becomes distracting in the interview. Convey passion about the position during the interview and a positive attitude about your previous employment. Be excited and engaged!

Being positive in the interview isn’t the only place applicants should be positive. Speaking over the phone when the hiring manager is setting up the interview is another important area to seem positive and engaged. While waiting for the interview to start, sometimes things do not always go according to plan. Things can run late or they may need you to complete more paperwork. Don’t display disappointment, frustration, or anger. Instead stay positive and be flexible! Plans change every day in business and you should show them that you are adaptable and take the challenge head on!

It is as equally important for internal employees to be positive. A bad attitude can directly affect your team, co-workers, employees, or performance. Having a bad day? Take a step back. Take a break! Having a bad day can influence the way you speak to people, act towards others, and conduct business. We all have bad days and that is normal, but having a bad attitude usually isn’t just a problem once in a blue moon. It is a chronic problem that can plague an office. So, turn it around and look at yourself. Are you guilty of this? Take personal accountability to change your attitude, which will change your relationships with your co-workers.

Positive attitudes can accomplish great things! It could be the difference between getting the position or being overlooked, or enjoying your position or dreading working with your co-workers. Keep your chin up and know that attitude is everything!