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Administrative assistants, lawyers, chief financial officers, and construction workers—all have found jobs in the staffing industry. America’s staffing companies have jobs in virtually all occupations, including ones you’ve probably never thought of, such as pilots, biotechnologists, teachers, videographers, and dentists.

Midwest Professional Staffing provides skilled professionals in the areas of Accounting, Finance and Office Administration.  We specialize in temp, temp to hire and permanent placement.  We take pride in providing excellent talent to outstanding employers in the greater Des Moines area.

Businesses of all types and sizes turn to staffing firms for flexibility and access to talent. They know that staffing companies are experts in recruiting and matching employees for temporary, contract, or permanent positions. So when they have job openings, they increasingly go to staffing firms to help meet their workforce needs.

Transition to a Permanent Job

Among staffing employees who say permanent jobs are a top priority, 99% achieve their objectives.

ASA research shows that temporary employment provides a bridge to permanent jobs. According to the 2014 ASA Staffing Employee Survey, one-quarter (24%) of staffing employees are placed in permanent positions through arranged temporary-to-permanent assignments across all industry sectors, and another quarter (24%) are hired through unarranged temporary-to-permanent assignments across all sectors. Half (49%) of staffing employees select temporary work as the means to obtain a permanent job, and among those who say permanent jobs are a top priority, 99% achieve their objectives. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of former temporary and contract workers found their permanent positions while on assignment for a staffing firm.