If you think that employers won’t be looking at your social media profiles once you’ve applied to a few jobs, think again. More than half of ag employers use social media to support their recruitment efforts (2014-2015 Agribusiness HR Review).

Help yourself make a strong impression once your potential employer logs in and checks out who you really are behind your resume.

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat

What to Clear Out:

Facebook and Instagram are great for posting photos in the moment, keeping in touch with friends and interacting with businesses, but they are also known for revealing pictures. If you’re applying to jobs, it might be a good idea to go through both photos you’ve posted and photos you’ve been tagged in and deleting anything questionable such as party photos, anything obviously involving alcohol or drugs, and any photo displaying promiscuous or overly affectionate behavior.

You may want to ask your friends to delete any photos you’ve been tagged in that fall into those categories, even after you’ve untagged yourself. They’re still out there and can still be found. This is very true of Snapchat. The snaps you send don’t disappear. They can easily be captured via screenshot, saved and posted elsewhere by someone. Be wary of what you snap and send.