Workers 50 and older face a hurdle that younger peers don’t: how to overcome negative stereotypes that paint them as much more expensive, out of touch with technology and less productive.

Older workersAn AARP report released Monday dispels these myths.

The report, “A Business Case for Workers Age 50+: A Look at the Value of Experience 2015,” was conducted by Aon Hewitt and based primarily on data from large employers. A similar report, which confirmed the value of older employees, was done 10 years ago.

“When we set out to do this report, we wanted to see if the case had changed since that 2005 report, which was before the Great Recession. The economy and workforce have changed dramatically,” says Laura Bos, manager of AARP’s education and outreach for financial security. “What we found: Not only is it still strong, we think it’s even stronger.”

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by   Posted on 04/27/2015