Seven tips for landing your first job.

If you’re graduating soon, you’re probably feeling the pressure and stress of knowing that now you need to take that degree and figure out what kind of job you can get with it. Don’t panic! Millions of new grads before you have successfully navigated this transition and found meaningful and even interesting work. But if you haven’t embarked on an active search yet, now’s the time to get serious about it. Here are seven steps that will help:

1. Don’t put off job searching. You might be tempted to take some time off after graduating to relax, thinking you can start your search later in the summer or even in the fall. That’s your prerogative, of course, but be aware that you might have a more difficult search if you wait. Job searches usually take longer than people expect, and that means if you put it off, you could end up with a long period of unemployment that will make you a less attractive candidate than you would be as a fresh graduate.

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