finding and retaining top talent is a necessity for today’s businesses. We’ve talked about creating contingent workforce strategies and the benefits to buying, building, and borrowing talent.

It’s equally important to talk about developing your recruiting team. Recruiters need to have lots of tools to help them do their job quickly and efficiently. They need solid partnerships with department managers. They also need partnerships with external recruiting professionals and staffing organizations. And they need technology tools.

I thought this infographic from our friends at iCIMS did a nice job of connecting the importance of technology tools and recruiting strategy. If organizations want to find the best employees, they have to start talking about technology.

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One of the statistics I found interesting was that 28% of respondents felt difficulty finding talent was an obstacle to meeting strategic goals. In addition, 19% mentioned not being able to take advantage of new opportunities. I can’t help but think these two are related. When finding talent is a challenge, it relates to everything in the business.

Companies cannot afford to fall behind in the talent acquisition game. Their bottom-line depends on it.