How to Present Your Skills to Employers

There are many critical elements to a successful job interview, from thorough preparation through effective presentation and diligent follow up. Perhaps the most important factor of all is to provide concrete evidence to employers that you possess the skills needed succeed in that role.

The best way to do this is to tell stories, provide anecdotes, and give examples of how you utilized those key skills or qualities to achieve success in past roles.

Assess the Job Requirements

Start by assessing the primary requirements for your target job. What skills and qualities are critical for success? Which of these do you possess? Try to think of seven strengths which you bring to the table that will enable you to excel in the job.

Then ask yourself when and where you used those assets. For each asset be prepared to describe the situation, the action you have taken which demonstrates that strength, and the results of your involvement. Whenever possible include how others benefited from your involvement.

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