Getting a company to call you in for a job interview is one of the hardest parts of the job search. What happens if circumstances force you to consider rescheduling? Believe it or not, having to reschedule the interview does not automatically disqualify you from the running.

Reasons to Reschedule

There are several valid reasons for having to reschedule a job interview. Personal reasons such as a hospitalization, a death in the family or another unavoidable emergency understandably require your immediate and full attention. If you are traveling to another city to interview and your flight is canceled, that’s another valid reason. If you are currently employed, sometimes commitments related to your current position may arise and prevent you from interviewing. Your own health issues may also present a very good reason to reschedule. If you come down with a severe cold or the flu, the interviewer is sure to appreciate you reaching out to make alternate arrangements.

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Common Courtesy: Calling ahead to reschedule your interview is better than being a “no show” always!