Whether youre between jobs, looking for a better job, or just starting out in this wild, wacky adventure we call work, staffing firms can be an excellent tool to have at your disposal. Since our business model demands that we actually put people to work in order to keep our doors open, if we see even a little effort and promise on your end well often go the extra mile on ours to land you a job.

We don’t think were asking for much just a polite, friendly demeanor, neat appearance, decent work history, reachable references, a can-do spirit, and maybe a nice handshake and a look in the eye to top it all off (OK, well even make the handshake and eye contact optional!). When you step through our doors, we WANT to put you to work and, once employed, we want to keep working you until you land a full-time gig, hopefully at one of our clients. In the business world, thats what I call a win-win. – See more at: http://www.staffingtalk.com/how-to-stay-off-our-do-not-assign-list#sthash.rzSRrFVu.dpuf

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