Career experts share advice they wish they could tell their younger selves.

As of this writing, humans have yet to find a way to send career advice backward through time to their younger selves. Luckily, there is a way to glimpse what may be down the line – by learning from the experience of professionals with more years in the workforce under their belts.

Here are six pieces of career advice from you from the future.

1. Get a mentor

A lot of people – particularly those who are young and looking to prove themselves – have difficulty asking for help. As they get older, most come to realize they wished they had been able to seek out advice earlier. There’s no shame in learning from a mentor’s experience – even Batman has Alfred.

“Get as many smart, compassionate, proactive mentors as possible,” says Carlota Zimmerman, career strategist and speaker. “Get mentors who can give you advice and be positive role models in your life, before you start to burn out and lose your mind.”

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