Now is the time to kick your job hunt into high gear.

Have you put your job search on hold for the summer? As kids return to school and hiring managers end their vacations, it’s time to get your hunt into high gear. Here are six things you should be doing, especially at this time of year:

1. Treat every day as a new opportunity for a fresh start.
If you are looking backward with a tinge of guilt for sitting at the beach when you know you could have been working more productively to advance your career, give yourself permission to let it go. Recognize that every day presents new opportunities, and resolve to put in maximum effort from today onward.

2. Get support from your family. As schedules move into fall mode, this is a good time for a family conversation about your own needs for time to concentrate on getting a job. Make sure your family members understand you need to have regular hours set aside for that purpose. Help them understand that a critical way they can support you is by not asking you to run errands or do other things for them during the day just because you don’t have a job that you need to be at.

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