Be Appealing: Simplicity is Best

Posted in Employers, Job Seekers, Uncategorized By A. Smathers On August 12, 2015

Remember back in the day when companies would be willing to do interviews without scheduling appointments? Those were the times when trust and credibility were most easily attained. The times when wearing a business suit had a major impact on your professional evaluation and the decision makers performing that judgement. If you took the time to look the part, you were taken more seriously and it seemed easier and faster to land a job.Fast forward and things are much different now. First impressions are made from the information, or lack of information, you share on your resume or online application, as well as how thorough you are. This is where the true evaluation begins! As scary as it may seem, this is the point where the recruiter decides whether to move forward with the interview process. The amount of competition in the employment market is fierce. If you are hoping to capture the attention of your target companies, it is a good idea to think about the way you are exhibiting yourself. If you want to appeal to hiring managers, make them want you rather than walk away!

Hint…It’s important to understand that the simplest tidbits of information say a lot about you!

The objective is to get to the face-to-face interview, but it starts behind the electronic piece of paper. We will call you, and when we do, we will leave a message. Or, just maybe, we will hang up. That decision is made entirely by you. I know it may seem like the hiring managers control every facet of the process, but this doesn’t have to be the case. If you want to be a candidate who gets consideration in the race, here are some thoughts to consider:

• Friendly, engaging, and energetic voice mail message. It should make me want to talk with you! If your message offers a glimpse of “snarky” or “attitude challenges,” I’m likely to hang up. Hiring managers and recruiters want to deal with people who are going to present themselves in the best manner. Messages that say, “You called, you know what to do, leave your digits” are unappealing and tell me I’m almost certain this candidate may not be the right person for the team.

• Phone ringtone. We know you have outside interests in a variety of things including music. When you are on the job hunt, consider the image you convey with the ringtone you choose. Keep it light and free from harsh lyrics. What you choose when you are not on the job search is your business.

• Email address. Choose wisely, not weird. Believe it or not, we form perceptions based on the information you share. You give us a glimpse of your personal characteristics by the email you use for your job search. One that is business-like shows creditability and maturity. Your favorite sports team name or your first/middle initials and last name are acceptable. Email addresses that tell me you love your pets or hobbies are fine…depending on your hobbies. Avoid the less than appealing or inappropriate themes that help us form opinions about you that you don’t want!

Simple but telling, the little things that many do not consider important are the difference that captures interest. If you want to appeal to hiring managers and recruiters, consider what little information can make a big impact for you. Review what you allow us to interpret!