A Season for Taking Stock, Laying Foundations

 Four Expert Career Tips for Fall

By Caroline M.L. Potter

With the end of the year approaching, don’t wait until it’s too late to kick your career into gear. We asked top career and job search experts what you can be doing to excel professionally in the autumn job search season.

Get Focused

Career strategist Daisy Swan says folks should focus on the here and now, and what’s working as opposed to what isn’t. “I think right now everyone is on the precipice of activity, of reengagement, and instead of just jumping in blindly, I think it’s an important time to really take stock of the things that are working well and going right, because it has been a difficult time,” she says.

Many people may be feeling depleted — financially, physically and emotionally — so if there’s any nourishment and taking-stock that needs to be done, this is the time to do it, Swan says. “Have gratitude for things that are working, and have faith that next year is going to be a better year,”  she says.

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