Five steps to finally tackle your new year’s resolutions.

Remember back in January, when you vowed to get a job or learn a new skill? It’s not too late to achieve those goals this year.

It’s difficult to grasp how swiftly this year is going, isn’t it? It may seem like moments ago that the new year was emerging, but now as Labor Day and close of the third quarter approaches, 2016 is right around the corner.

There’s no better time than the present to reflect upon goals for 2015 – instead of rolling them over into next year’s resolutions, along with your unused vacation time. Here are five ways to end the year on a high note full of achievements:

1. Review your goals, and reprioritize them. Similar to a résumé that needs updating, your annual goals may need a second glance as well. Carve out 15 minutes today to peruse them. The first thing to look at? Priorities. If your current priorities have shifted since January, evaluate and shuffle them as necessary.

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